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Mustela Gentle Soap Bar 150gm

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  • موستيلا قالب صابون لطيف - 150 جم
  • يمكن استخدام صابون الأطفال اللطيف مع الكريم البارد يوميًا لغسل وجه وجسم الرضع والأطفال ، حتى الأطفال حديثي الولادة. ينظف ويرطب بشرتهم بلطف ويعوض عن تأثير تجفيف الماء العسر.
  • Product Description: Gentle baby soap with Cold Cream can be used daily to wash the face and body of baby and child, even newborns. It gently cleans and hydrates their skin and compensates for the drying effect of hard water.
  • Details: Time for bath at last! Turn it into comfort time with Mustela Gentle soap with Cold Cream - the ideal bath buddy for baby.
  • Benefits: This soap gentlly and effectively cleans babys face and body and nourishes dry skins, even newborns.
  • Instructions for use: Rub your wet soap in your hands to lather. Gently wash your babys body. Rinse carefully.
  • Dosage Form: Soap
  • Contains: Natural
  • Pack Contains: 150 g
  • Therapeutic Use: Dry Skin (Click to See Similar Products)