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Mustela Skin Freshener Hair And Body 200ml

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  • موستيلا معطر البشرة والشعر والجسم - 200 مل
  • مياه منعشة للرضع والأطفال من أجل عناية يومية لطيفة وشيقة ، منذ الولادة.
  • Product Description: Baby and child refreshing and styling water for a pleasant and gentle daily care, from birth on.
  • Details: Ideal for refreshing and delicately perfuming baby and childs skin. Leaves the skin soft. Helps styling babys delicate hair.
  • Benefits: Leaves a unique scent on the skin and hair.
  • Instructions for use: Spray daily the Skin freshener on skin and hair, during the daily wash routine.
  • Dosage Form: Liquid
  • Contains: Aqua/Water/Eau/Castor Oil/Sodium Benzoate/Avacado Fruit Extract
  • Pack Contains: 200ml