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Pro PL Powder For Pregnant And Lactating Mothers Chocolate Flavor 400g

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  • برو بى إل مسحوق للأمهات الحوامل والمرضعات بنكهة الشوكولاتة - 400 جم
  • برو بى إل هو مكمل غذائي متوازن ، يوفر تغذية شاملة لأم صحية وطفل سليم.
  • Product Description: PRO-PL is a balanced nutritional supplement, providing comprehensive nourishment for healthy mother and healthy baby.
  • Details: Fortified with 28 essential Vitamins and Minerals. Transfat free, Cholesterol free, Gluten free, Enriched with Saffron.
  • Benefits: Easily digestible high quality whey protein that supports healthy weight gain, growth and development. DHA and GLA supports brain, neural, visual and cognitive development.
  • Instructions for use: Add 1 - 2 teaspoons of Pro-PL Powder to a glass. Fill the glass with lukewarm water. Mix well until the contents dissolve well. Consume immediately.
  • Dosage Form: Powder
  • Contains: Protein/Multi Vitamins/Minerals/Evening Primrose oil
  • Pack Contains: 400g
  • Therapeutic Use: Womens Health (Click to See Similar Products)