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Tonimer Baby Spray 100ml

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  • تونيمر بخاخ للأطفال - 100مل
  • محلول متساوي التوتر. مياه البحر. إزالة وتسييل الممرات الأنفية. للأطفال والرضع.
  • Product Description: Isotonic solution. Sea water. Remove and fluidify nasal passages. For babies and children.
  • Details: Tonimer Baby Spray is a sterile isotonic sea water solution with a low sodium content and slightly alkaline pH. Its gentle spray and delicate action dispenser makes it particularly suitable to remove and fluidify the mucus in the nasal passages of babies and children in cases of dryness of mucous membrane and cold.
  • Benefits: Practical and easy to use. Removes accumulated nasal debris. Fluidify mucous membrane for nasal hygiene.
  • Instructions for use: Please see enclosed leaflet for instructions.
  • Dosage Form: Spray
  • Contains: Isotonic Sea water
  • Pack Contains: 100ml