Zetop 10mg Tabs 10s

Expiry Date:
  • زيتوب 10 ملجم - 10 أقراص
  • أقراص سيتريزين هيدروكلوريد. مضاد للهيستامين.
  • Product Description: Cetrizine Hydrochloride Tablets. Anti-histamine.
  • Details: It is indicated in the treatment of: Seasonal Rhinitis, Perennial Rhinitis, Urticaria and Pruritus, Conjunctivitis, Allergic dermatological conditions like atopic eczema and contact dermititis, Allergic reactions to food, Insect bites, etc.
  • Instructions for use: As directed by the Physician.
  • Dosage Form: Tablet
  • Contains: Cetirizine
  • Pack Contains: 10 tabs
  • Therapeutic Use: Allergies (Click to See Similar Products)