Pana Natural Cough Syrup 128g

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  • شراب بانا الطبيعى للسعال - 128 جم
  • شراب بانا الطبيعى للسعال يساعد على تهدئة السعال الجاف والمنتج عند البالغين والأطفال من سن سنة واحدة
  • Product Description: PanaNatural cough syrup helps soothe dry and productive coughs in Adults and Children from 1 year of age
  • Details: PanaNatural cough syrup soothes dry and productive coughs and protects the mucosa of the upper airways.The product counteracts irritation through the creation of a protective layer that limits the contact of the mucosa with external agents and promotes mucus hydration, thus enabling its removal. PanaNatural cough syrup also performs an antioxidant action that counteracts irritation caused by free radicals.
  • Benefits: PanaNatural cough syrup contains Polifractin M.A., a plant-based complex that consists of a polysaccharide fraction from Ribwort Plantain and Marshmallow and a polyphenol fraction from Agrimony, which in synergy with Honey contribute to the products action on the cough, without altering the bodys natural defense mechanisms.
  • Instructions for use: Dosing in adults and children: Children from 1 to 6 years: 1 measuring spoon (5 ml), to be taken twice over the course of the day, Children over 6 years: 2 measuring spoons (10 ml), to be taken twice over the course of the day, Adults: 2 measuring spoons (10 ml), to be taken 2 or 3 times over the course of the day, If necessary, the product can be taken at the doses indicated up to 4 times a day, even at short intervals.
  • Dosage Form: Syrup
  • Contains: Polifractin M.A. Complex/Honey
  • Pack Contains: 128g
  • Therapeutic Use: Cough (Click to See Similar Products)

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