Fawar Lemon Eff Salt 6 Sachets

Expiry Date:
  • فوار ليمون ملح فوار - 6 أكياس
  • لعلاج إنتفاخ البطن وسوء الهضم وفرط الحموضة.
  • Product Description: For Flatulence Mal-Digestion and Hyperacidity.
  • Instructions for use: Adults: The content of one sachet to be added to half a glass of water and taken while effervescing after meals. Childrem: Half the adult dose.
  • Dosage Form: Powder
  • Contains: Sodium bicarbonate/Citric acid
  • Pack Contains: 6 sachets
  • Therapeutic Use: Digestive Disorders (Click to See Similar Products)