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Uralyt U Granules 280g

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  • يوراليت يو حبيبات - 280 جم
  • جرعة الوقاية والعلاج لحصوات حمض اليوريك.
  • Product Description: Prevention and Treatment dose for Uric Acid Stones.
  • Details: Indications: Dissolution of uric acid stones, Metaphylaxis (prevention of recidivation) of calcium containing stones and uric acid stones as well as mixed stones of calcium oxalate/ uric acid or calcium oxalate/ calcium phosphate.
  • Dosage Form: Granule
  • Contains: Potassium/Sodium/Hydrogen Citrate
  • Pack Contains: 280g
  • Therapeutic Use: Urinary Discomfort (Click to See Similar Products)