3M Nexcare Tegaderm Waterproof Sterile Adhesive Pads 6x10cm 5s

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  • ثرى إم نيكس كير تيجاديرم ضمادات لاصقة معقمة مقاومة للماء 10x6 سم - 5 قطع
  • ضمادة مقاومة للماء. تحمي وتمتص. 5 ضمادات لاصقة معقمة. غير مصنوعة من المطاط اللاتكس.
  • Product Description: Waterproof dressing. Protects and absorb. 5 sterile adhesive pads. Not made with rubber latex.
  • Details: 3M Nexcare Tegaderm Pad is a waterproof dressing that protects and absorbs it is ideal for protection of wounds such as cuts, minor burns, abrasions and post-surgical incisions.
  • Benefits: Absorbent and non-stick pad wicks fluid away from the wound. Flexes and moves with body for greater comfort. Hypoallergenic. Up to 4 day wear.
  • Instructions for use: Read the package label for instructions.
  • Dosage Form: Patch
  • Contains: Waterproof Transparent Bandage
  • Pack Contains: 5 Plasters
  • Therapeutic Use: First Aid (Click to See Similar Products)