CareWell 7 day Pill Box

Expiry Date:
  • كيرويل منظم حبوب لمدة 7 أيام
  • لسهولة تذكر الأدوية اليومية. حجم متوسط.
  • Product Description: Easy Access to Remember Daily Medication. Medium Size.
  • Details: Carewell Pill Box is used for patients to identify whether they have taken the medicines for the day or not. It contains 7 days tablet compartment to help the patients to remind to take their medications.
  • Benefits: Storage for medicines while travelling. Helps to indicate whether you take your medication or not. Protects medicines by being spread when dropped.
  • Instructions for use: See package details for instructions.
  • Dosage Form: Not Applicable
  • Contains: Pill box
  • Pack Contains: 1 pc