Panadol Advance 500mg Tabs 96s

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  • بانادول أدفانس 500 ملجم - 96 قرص
  • مع تركيبة أوبتيزورب. فعال في تسكين الآلام. لطيف على المعدة. يمتص بشكل أسرع.
  • Product Description: With Optizorb Formulation. Effective Pain Relief. Gentle on Stomach. Faster Absorbed.
  • Details: Panadol Advance Optizorb Caplet is a film-coated tablet containing 500 mg paracetamol which is formulated using a unique Optizorb technology. Unlike some pain relievers that can sit in your stomach, Panadol Advance with Optizorb starts to release its medicine in as little as 5 minutes and still has the safety profile.
  • Benefits: Used for fast and effective relief of pain associated with headaches, muscle aches, osteoarthritis, period pain, toothaches and sore throat. Relieves fever. Fast absorbed. Gentle for stomach.
  • Instructions for use: Please refer to the product label or seek the advice of healthcare professional.
  • Dosage Form: Tablet
  • Contains: Paracetamol
  • Pack Contains: 96 tabs
  • Therapeutic Use: Fever (Click to See Similar Products)