Nicotinell 1mg Mint Lozenges 36s

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  • نيكوتينيل 1 ملجم أقراص إستحلاب بالنعناع - 36 قرص
  • تساعدك على التوقف عن التدخين. خالية من السكر.
  • Product Description: Helps you stop smoking. Sugar Free.
  • Details: Nicotinell mint flavour lozenge is an aid to combat the withdrawal symptoms caused by giving up smoking and reduce smoking in smokers motivated to quit.
  • Instructions for use: Please read the enclosed leaflet carefully before use. You must not smoke whilst using these lozenges. For oromucosal use. Suck 1 lozenge when you feel the urge to smoke, but initially try to use no more than 1 lozenge every 1-2 hours. Most people use 8-12 lozenges per day. This product is designed to be sucked slowly, do not swallow or chew. These lozenges should not be sucked like ordinary lozenges. Read the Nicotinell sucking technique in the enclosed leaflet carefully before use. Only use 1 lozenge at a time and do not use more than 30 of the 1 mg lozenges a day.
  • Dosage Form: Lozenge
  • Contains: Nicotine
  • Pack Contains: 36 Lozenges