MoH warning on Mistang Capsules And Loss Weight Coffee

The Ministry of Health has warned the general UAE public from using “Miztang” slimming capsules and "loss weight coffee" that is available in certain markets. The banned product contains another banned substance called  ‘sibutramine”. This substance is known to cause uncontrolled hypertension for those patients diagnosed with coronary diseases.

Dr. Amin Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Medical Practices and Licensing at the Ministry of Health stated that the ministry noticed the herbal weight loss product and immediately sent a circular to all the medical districts, directors of public and private hospitals as well as private clinics not to use slimming botanicals as they may contain unlisted chemical substances that are not stated on the external batch. The banned product was not registered in the pharmaceutical registration and control department in the ministry.

Additionally, the MoH also stated that the FDA had also issued a warning against using the mistang loss weight product for the same reasons. 

The warning comes after the pharmaceutical control and registration labs in the ministry of health tested the loss weight coffee and mistang botanical slimming samples and discovered the availability of sibutramine in one of the coffee samples and capsules. It is medically known that the substance is carefully used especially in cases of depression, glaucoma, high blood pressure or with patients who suffer from high risk of bleeding or under drug treatments to prevent blood clotting. The substance may also lead to contraindications when combined with certain medicines.

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Apr 29, 2012

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