What We Do

What We Do


Four Seasons Pharmacy LLC deals in medicines from all over the world, including the America’s, Europe, India, Japan, Middle East etc. Our product range spans from general cold and flu medicines to broad spectrum antibiotics and a wide variety of other medicines. We also deal in various OTC medicines.


Immunity and Protection are a basic requirement for sustaining human life. We carry a variety of vaccines in accordance to DHA, MoH and WHO regulations for various purposes such as general flu vaccines right through to hepatitis A, B etc. Our  special storage areas maintain the right atmosphere for the storage of these vaccines.

Dubai Health Authority announced the frst immunization policy in the Emirate of Dubai as part of the initiatives of the Dubai Health Strategy that aims to reduce the burden of vaccine preventable diseases. The introduction of this policy will pledge the improvement of immunization services as well as provision of technical guidance to healthcare providers to ensure that they follow best practices in terms of administering and storing vaccines.

Vitamins & Minerals

All people need nutrition to grow, heal and reproduce. When nutrition is incomplete, Vitamins and Minerals play an important part in supplementing ones diet. At Four Seasons we deal in some of best brands of Vitamins and Minerals from various countries
such as the Americas, UK and India as well as several other locally manufactured brands.

Our product range spans over 300 items from well known brands. Check out our full range in store or online.

Mobility Aids and Walking Supports

We carry a broad range of mobility aids for various conditions. This range of home healthcare products include:

  1. Crutches (UnderArm and Elbow) – AED 60 onwards
  2. Walking Sticks (AdjustableFoldableWooden3/4 Legswith Chair) – AED 39 onwards
  3. Rubber Ferrules (Walking Stick Base) – AED 10/pc onwards
  4. White cane for the visually impaired  – AED 65 onwards
  5. Walking Frame or Walkers (FoldingWith Wheels) – AED 139 onwards
  6. Standard Wheelchairs – AED 300 onwards
  7. Power Wheel Chairs (on special order) – AED 8500 onwards
    1. Option 1 – Small Wheel, retractable joystick, 200W Motor, 6km/h speed – Available in 18, 20, 22″ sizes
    2. Option 2 and Option 3  – Smart wheel chair, 8″ front wheel, 180w Motor, Foldable to 35x64x75cm , Ultra Light 25kg, Supports upto 115kg, Cruise mileage 15km

Visit the full variety online at https://nextdoormed.com/mobility-aids/

Skin Care

For the dry climate of  Dubai, we carry special products that protect your skin from  the damaging effects of the sun, the dry air and dust. Our wide variety of products spans from general sun protection  creams to moisturizing creams for extremely dry skins to a vast variety of anti-ageing products. Visit our store to find out more on how these products can make your skin feel younger, brighter and more softer.

Baby Care

Special people need special care and Four Seasons understands the special requirements of these very young customers, which is why at Four Seasons Pharmacy you will find a wide variety of baby care products right from special peristaltic feeding bottles for the new born to skin protection products for sensitive skins and products for feeding mothers. Our vast variety of products and experience helps you choose the right product for your young one and helps you to take advantage of the best of worlds products for your children.