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Ascensia Contour Next Blood Glucose Monitor and System Starter Kit

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  • أسينسيا كونتور نيكست جهاز قياس نسبة السكر في الدم ومجموعة بدء تشغيل النظام
  • جهاز قياس نسبة السكر في الدم. سهل الاستخدام. درجة عالية من الدقة. مؤشر المدى المستهدف سمارت لايت. فرصة أخذ عينة ثانية - 60 ثانية. تطبيق مجاني لمرضى السكري من كونتور. تستخدم شرائط إختبار كونتور نيكست.
  • Product Description: Blood Glucose Monitoring System. Easy to Use. Highly Accurate. SmartLIGHT Target Range Indicator. Second-chance Sampling - 60 seconds. Free Contour Diabetes App. Uses Contour Next Test Strips.
  • Details: For self-testing, monitoring, and management of blood glucose. Kit contains: Contour Next blood glucose meter. 5 Contour Next blood glucose test strips. Lancing device. 5 coloured Microlet lancets. User guide. Carrying case. Warranty card. Logbook. Starter Kit contains Meter, 2 packs of 25 Lancets each and 50 test strips.
  • Benefits: Easy to use, No Coding. Small blood sample. Second chance sampling - 60 seconds to apply more blood to the same strip. . SmartLIGHT indicator - immediate feedback shows if you are within, above or below your taget range. Wirelessly connect to app - view patterns and share reports.
  • Dosage Form: System
  • Contains: Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Pack Contains: 1 Monitor, 50 Lancets And 50 Strips
  • Therapeutic Use: Diabetes Care (Click to See Similar Products)


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1 Monitor, 50 Lancets And 50 Strips
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Diabetes Care

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