Kin Care Mouthwash With Aloe Vera 250ml

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  • كين كير غسول للفم بالألوفيرا - 250 مل
  • Product Description: Intensive Care for Oral Mucosa. 0pct Alcohol. Mint flavour.
  • Details: Kin care is specially indicated for the care of oral mucosa. Contains natural and moisturizing extracts that promote regeneration and hydration of the oral mucosa.
  • Benefits: Promotes hydration and regeneration of oral mucosa. Moisturizes, tones and protects the oral cavity. Promotes dental biofilm reduction.
  • Instructions for use: After toothbrushing, rinse with 10ml of the undiluted product for 1 min , 2-3 times a day. Do not ingest food or beverages until atleast half an hour after administration.
  • Dosage Form: Liquid
  • Contains: Chlorhexidine/Aloe Vera/Vitamin B3/Vitamin B5/Citric acid/Panthenol/Glycerin
  • Pack Contains: 250ml
  • Therapeutic Use: Oral Health (Click to See Similar Products)