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Oral B Complete Fluoride Toothpaste And Mouthwash Natural Fresh 100ml 2s

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  • أورال بى معجون الأسنان المتكامل بالفلورايد وغسول الفم ناتشورال فريش - 100 مل - 2 قطعة
  • معجون أسنان بالفلوريد مع غسول الفم المضاف.
  • Product Description: Fluoride toothpaste with added mouthwash.
  • Details: Unique 2 in1 - a toothpaste with added mouthwash. A healthy smile and a fresh breath can work miracles! For your self confidence, but also for your social life. This will make you experience not only whole mouth protection, but also an explosion of intense mint for a new dimension of freshness.
  • Benefits: Prevents tartar. Prevents Cavities. Whitens Teeth. Freshens Breath.
  • Instructions for use: Ideal for Everyday use.
  • Dosage Form: Gel
  • Contains: Sorbitol/Hydrated Silica/Zinc Citrate/Aroma/Sodium Citrate
  • Pack Contains: 100ml 2s
  • Therapeutic Use: Oral Health (Click to See Similar Products)