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Avomack Solution 10ml

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  • محلول أفوماك - 10 مل
  • محلول موضعي لعلاج وإزالة مسمار القدم والكاللو والجلد المتصلب والثآليل. مقشر الطبقة القرنية.
  • Product Description: A topical solution for the treatment and removal of corns, calluses, hardened skin, and warts. Keratolytic.
  • Details: Avomack solution is specially designed to treat warts, calluese, corns and hardened skin.
  • Instructions for use: Soak the warts in warm water for 5 mins, dry then rub the surface of the warts carefully with pumice stone or emery borad. Put the applicator sheet on the affected area within hole.Use the brush to apply. Allow to dry and cover with plaster if the wart is large or on the foot. Continuous daily use is required until the warts, corns, calluses or hardened skin is completely disappeared. Do not apply on the face.
  • Dosage Form: Liquid
  • Contains: Salicylic Acid/Lactic Acid
  • Pack Contains: 10ml