Sebamed Extreme Dry Skin Repair Lotion 10% Urea 200ml

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  • سيباميد لوشن لإصلاح البشرة الجافة للغاية 10% يوريا - 200 مل
  • Product Description: Repair Lotion for very Dry Skin, Atopic Eczema and Diabetic Skin. 10pct Urea. Relieves Acute Itching. Intensive Moisturizing Counteracts Dehydrating Effect. Activates Desquamation to Smooth Rough Skin. Essential Natural Lipids Restore Functional Balance. No Mineral Oils, No Silicone Oils, Without Colourants.
  • Dosage Form: Lotion
  • Contains: Urea/Hexyldecanol/Lactic Acid/Citric Acid/Glycerin
  • Pack Contains: 200ml
  • Therapeutic Use: Dry Skin (Click to See Similar Products)