3V Vitamins B1 B6 B12 IM Ampoules 50s

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  • فيتامينات 3 ف (ب1 ، ب6 ، ب12) أمبولات للحقن العضلى - 50 أمبول
  • فيتامينات ب العصبية. امبولات.
  • Product Description: Neurotropic B Vitamins. Ampoules.
  • Benefits: The three vitamins B1, B6, B12 are essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. 3V combines them in therapeutically balanced concentrations to ensure or restore normal metabolic processes in nerve cells which when established will help in relieving pain and discomfort of neurological origins.
  • Instructions for use: Intramuscular injection. As recommended by the doctor. Storage: 2-8 degree C.
  • Dosage Form: Injection
  • Contains: Thiamine hydrochloride/ Pyridoxine hydrochloride/ Cyanocobalamin
  • Pack Contains: 50 pcs