Biolectra Mag Forte 20s

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  • بيوليكترا ماج فورت - 20 قرص
  • أقراص فوارة. نكهة الليمون.
  • Product Description: Effervescent tablets. Lemon Flavour.
  • Details: Indications: Proven magnesium deficiency, when it causes disturbances of the muscle activity (neuromuscular disturbances, calf cramps).
  • Instructions for use: Dissolve in a glass of water (150ml) and drink this completely. Children over 6 years: once a day 1 effervescent tablet. Teenagers and adults: 1-2 per day 1 effervescent tablet.
  • Dosage Form: Tablet, Effervescent
  • Contains: Magnesium
  • Pack Contains: 20 eff tabs
  • Therapeutic Use: Muscle Cramps and Numbness (Click to See Similar Products)