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CH Alpha Ready-to-drink 25ml Vials 30s

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  • سى إتش ألفا الجاهزة للشرب 25 مل - 30 قارورة
  • يحتوي على فورتيجل – ثورة صحة المفاصل. يعزز صحة الغضاريف والمفاصل. 30 قارورة جاهزة للشرب سعة 25 مل.
  • Product Description: Contains FORTIGEL – The Joint Health Revolution. Promotes cartilage and joint health. 30 ready-to-drink vials of 25 ml.
  • Details: CH-Alpha contains highly dosed FORTIGEL and stimulates the regeneration of joint cartilage. 70% of cartilage substance consists of collagen. Collagen makes the joints smooth and flexible. In liquid form it is well absorbed by the body. It is available in easy and convenient vials with great fruit flavor.
  • Benefits: Helps nourish cartilage tissue directly. Help cartilage absorb maximum nutrients. Helps regenerate and restore cartilage degeneration. Reduce joint pain, joint injuries heal and protect joints health and flexibility.
  • Instructions for use: Drink one vial daily to promote joint health. Use at least for three months or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner. The recommended daily dose must not be exceeded.
  • Dosage Form: Liquid
  • Contains: Collagen-Hydrolysate
  • Pack Contains: 30 Vials

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