Vitaglobin Syrup 200ml

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  • فيتاجلوبين شراب - 200 مل
  • منشط سائل. لتكوين الهيموجلوبين. مثالي للقوة والحيوية والطاقة.
  • Product Description: Liquid tonic. For the formation of Haemoglobin. Ideal for strength, vigour and energy.
  • Details: Vitaglobin Syrup contains Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B complex and Minerals. It helps in the formation of heamoglobin and thereby it is ideal for the strength, vigour and energy. Pleasant orange flavor.
  • Benefits: Supports growth and intellectual development. Helps in maintenance of health, vitality and stamina. Compensation of blood loss during monthly cycle and provides adequate iron during pregnancy.
  • Instructions for use: Children (1 to 3 years) : half teaspoonful two times daily. Children (4 to 12 years) : one teaspoonful two times daily. Adults (men and women) : one teaspoonful, three times daily or as directed by the physician.
  • Dosage Form: Liquid
  • Contains: Iron/ Folic Acid/ B Complex
  • Pack Contains: 200 ml