Kinderimmune Powder 35g

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  • كيندر إميون مسحوق - 35 جم 
  • لتقوية فعالة وسلبية لجهاز المناعة. من مصادر طبيعية. تحتوي التركيبة المثالية على ب جلوكان ، بروبيوتيك ، بريبيوتيك ، كولوستروم ، الزنك ، فيتامين سي وفيتامين ب المركب.
  • Product Description: For an active and passive strengthening of the immune system. From natural sources. Perfect formula contain B Glucane, Probiotic, Prebiotic, Colostrums, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex.
  • Details: The active complex in Kinderimmun consists of various natural and valuable ingredients for a healthy immune system. To boost immune response, Dr. Wolz Research has developed an immune combination for the whole family, pregnant women and nursing mothers. It supports the growth of intestinal good bacteria that promote digestive health. Recommended for children suffering from diarrhea and provide the child with every basic essential nutrient needed. Can also be taken after and during antibiotic course.
  • Benefits: Zinc yeast supports the immune system and contributes to a balanced metabolismBifido bacteria are a natural part of the intestinal flora with inulin as nutrient for the lactobacilli. The powder from acerola cherry juice contains a high degree of naturally sourced vitamin C. The selected B-complex vitamins - including folic acid - give additional support and usefully supplement the immune active complex. The valuable beta glucans originate from yeast for normal immune system function and for healthy growth and bone development in children.
  • Instructions for use: Recommendation dose per day: 1-3 years 1 measuring spoon, 4-6 years 2 measuring spoon, 6 and adult 3 measuring spoon. Stir in cold beverages, yoghurt, food, juice or milk.
  • Dosage Form: Powder
  • Contains: Herbal
  • Pack Contains: 35 g


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