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Betadine Vaginal Gel 100g

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100 g
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  • بيتادين جل مهبلي - 100 جم 
  • جل مهبلي. الحماية من البكتيريا والفيروسات والفطريات. بوفيدون - اليود 10% الوزن/الوزن.
  • Product Description: Vaginal gel. Protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Povidone- Iodine 10 % w/w.
  • Details: Betadine Vaginal Gel is indicated for disinfection of the vagina before and after operations. It is also used in acute and chronic vaginal infections such as vaginitis, vulvovaginitis, mixed infections and trichomonal infections.
  • Benefits: For acute and chronic vaginal infections. Used to disinfect vagina and prevents infections.
  • Instructions for use: Insert one applicator full of Betadine vaginal gel each night. Remove cap from tube and screw tube into threated open end of applicator. Pull plunger back to limit. Fill applicator with vaginal gel and detach from tube. In a reclining position, gently insert applicator high in vagina and depress plunger to deposit vaginal gel.
  • Dosage Form: Gel
  • Contains: Povidone Iodine 10%
  • Pack Contains: 100 g

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