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Gynofit Moisturising Vaginal Gel 6 Disposable Applicators 5ml Each

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1 unit
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6 Applicators
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Womens Health


  • جينوفيت جل مهبلى مرطب 6 عبوات * 5 مل
  • جل مهبلي لترطيب الأغشية المخاطية. لِعلاج جفاف المهبل. 6 عبوات للاستخدام الفردي.
  • Product Description: Vaginal gel for moisturizing mucous membranes. For vaginal dryness. 6 single use application.
  • Details: Gynofit Moisturising Gel helps relieve vaginal dryness resulting from hormonal changes during pregnancy and following delivery, cancer therapy, menopause, etc. This aqueous preparation forms a thin moisturising film on the vaginal mucous membrane. It makes you feel better by alleviating symptoms like burning and/ or itching. Also reduces discomfort during sexual intercourse and hinders genital irritation.
  • Benefits: Temporary relief of vaginal dryness and related symptoms, especially if the mucous membrane is thin, sensitive, and irritation prone. Reduces discomfort during sexual intercourse and hinders genital irritation.
  • Instructions for use: Shake contents of applicator towards its cap. Twist and break off the cap. Insert applicator into the vagina. Squeeze out all the gel into the vagina.
  • Dosage Form: Gel
  • Contains: Aqua/Propylene Glycol/Hydroxyethylcellulose/Levulinic Acid/Sodium Hydroxide/P-Anisic Acid/Glycerin/Citric Acid
  • Pack Contains: 6 Applicators
  • Therapeutic Use: Womens Health (Click to See Similar Products)

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